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Exhibition works highlights Australia’s water crisis

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An art exhibition addressing the intensifying crisis of Australia’s diminishing water supply will be launched at Nyinkka Nyunyu Arts and Cultural Centre tomorrow morning.

Groundswell: Recent Movements in Art and Territory is an Artback NT project and will feature 20 works by Northern Territory artists including Jacky Green, Kelly Lee Hickey, June Mills, Aly de Groot, Patricia Phillipus Napurrula, Lee Harrop, Maicie Lalara, Mel Robson, Jennifer Taylor and Tarzan JungleQueen.

Regional artists, Andrick Ross from Epenarra and Lindy Brodie from Tennant Creek, will have works featured in the exhibition as well.

The curator of the exhibition Carmen Ansaldo is a writer, activist and arts worker based in Darwin.

“The works in Groundswell extend through vast geographies, perspectives and artistic mediums to stake their claim, spanning moving image, visualised data, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture,” she said.

“These works find commonality in their shared determination to bridge the message of each individual artist to our collectively shared concerns as Northern Territory citizens.

“In this way, visual culture is harnessed to agitate for the paradigm shift we so desperately need if we are to preserve our most precious resource into an uncertain future.”

The exhibition opening starts at 10am at Nyinkka Nyunyu on Paterson Street.

Tennant & District Times 14 May 2021

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 14 May 2021.


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