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Caring for national parks – a conservationist’s perspective evolves: Cam Walker, Friends of the Earth

Cam Walker. After World War Two, a growing appreciation of the Australian landscape and an emerging conservation movement led millions of people to become involved in campaigns to protect our wild and special places ... Once a campaign was won, we often thought that the battle was over ... Several decades ago I was a volunteer with an environment group that campaigned to gain protection of wild ecosystems. In those days I supported a ‘let burn’ policy when it comes to managing fire in wild landscapes.

Australia ready to lead world in sustainable sugar exports

Australia is set to pioneer a new era of sustainable sugar exports when the first-ever shipment of fully traceable, sustainably produced raw sugar is loaded for export at the Port of Townsville this week. In a world first, the sugar, produced from cane grown by Smartcane BMP accredited growers, will be traceable through the supply chain to the end user in South Korea.

University to research sustainability and profitability of hemp cropping in Australia

It has the potential to be one of the most sustainable and profitable cropping solutions in Australia and now the University of Southern Queensland is spearheading an innovative research bid to explore the immense production possibilities of hemp. UniSQ is collaborating with research and industry partners nationally and internationally to investigate how hemp could be the basis for a profitable, sustainable national industry that is globally competitive into the future.

Floods impact businesses as supplies run short

Major flooding of the Murrumbidgee River at Narrandera is having such a detrimental effect on local business that some have been forced to close their doors. One of the main problems these businesses are facing is delivery trucks being unable to access the town due to flood-affected roads being closed. One business which has been badly affected this week was the Early Opener, which could have temporarily changed its name to the Early Closer on Monday.

Parliament fails NSW timber communities: Banasiak

Both sides of politics are responsible for decimating the NSW timber industry following the withdrawal of a government bill that would remove dual consent approvals for private native forestry ... "The Government failed to articulate what removing dual consent means, and Labor failed to do their research": Mark Banasiak, MLC of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

Labor cuts Ag Shows funding

Labor has confirmed it is scrapping funding for the Agriculture Shows Development Grants Program. In Estimates week, Agriculture Minister Murray Watt said $14 million in funding for Ag shows was being “reprioritised”. Maranoa MP David Littleproud said Estimates had sadly proved Labor was taking even more money out of regional and rural Australia, with infrastructure funding for Ag shows now gone, including in the electorate of Maranoa.

Humane control programs whilst conserving protected species: National Wild Dog Action Plan 

The National Wild Dog Action Plan supports the conservation of protected dingoes in Victoria’s national parks whilst limiting the impacts of wild dogs on neighbouring properties. In response to an ABC 7.30 report on November 14, National Wild Dog Management Coordinator Greg Mifsud said 20 per cent of the state’s national park and state forests is being managed for wild dogs in the perimeter of the public estate east of the Hume Highway.

Waste warriors: black soldier flies turn food scraps into value: UniSA

They’re the creepy crawlies with a voracious appetite, so when it comes to food waste, black soldier fly larvae are nature’s number one composters. Now, these wriggly grubs are helping South Australia’s food bowl stay clean and green as part of a sustainable food initiative from Mobius Farms.

Norco Primex celebrates

Norco Primex has bounced back after local natural disasters with a near-capacity event. More than 10,000 people attended the final day of Norco Primex 2022 on Saturday ... “We chose to go ahead late this year to ensure Norco Primex 2022 would deliver for North Coast communities": director Bruce Wright.

Greens to introduce Bill to prohibit forestry operations in koala habitat – saying it’s time: Higginson

“This bill is a signal to the Government that this is an essential step to saving koalas from extinction and is as simple as an amendment to the Forestry Act. We could save money, protect jobs and stimulate the economy while also taking immediate action to slow the extinction crisis in NSW": NSW Greens MP Sue Higginson ... Sue Higginson responded to a question from ARR.News.

Review – My Father and Other Animals

Sam’s memoir tells the story of his journey from farmhand to farmer. Along the way, it also explores the changing nature of farming, the complications of farm succession, and less traditional approaches to agriculture ... I had tears well up at some points, and laughed out loud at others.

Higher wheat and cattle prices drive up NAB Rural Commodities Index

Australian agricultural commodity prices have posted a slight uptick in the last two months with NAB’s Rural Commodities Index* rising 1.1% in October following a 1% increase in September. Released on 15 November 2022, NAB’s November Rural Commodities Wrap reports much of the increase has been driven by higher wheat and cattle prices offsetting falls in cotton, fruit and vegetables.

158th Edenhope Show! 19 November 2022

158th Edenhope Show! 19 November 2022

Private Native Forestry Bill: Saunders

The NSW Government will not proceed with the Environmental Protection and Assessment Amendment (Private Native Forestry) Bill. While this Bill upholds all existing protections for the environment, we will continue to have further conversations with local councils to progress legislation that unites communities and industry.

ANU southern forest timber report deeply flawed: South East Timber Association

An independent review of an Australian National University (ANU) report advocating for the closure of native forest harvesting in southern NSW, has confirmed the report is deeply flawed ... SETA secretary, Peter Rutherford stated “the flaws identified in the report totally undermine the alleged economic benefits of closing the native forest industry in southern NSW. Rather than a net present value (NPV) of $61.96 million over 30 years, closure of the industry would result in a negative NPV of -$252.43 million.”

Dirt-cheap solar evaporation could provide soil pollution solution: UniSA

A team led by University of South Australia researchers has pioneered a new soil remediation technique that is significantly faster, simpler, safer, and more cost-effective than currently available method … a new remediation technique that uses a super-efficient solar evaporation surface to draw water from the soil through a sponge-like filter that traps contaminants, mimicking the process of transpiration that occurs in natural plants, but at a greatly accelerated rate.

Koala update: Brad Law

Australian Rural & Regional News sought an update on koala monitoring from NSW DPI Principal Research Scientist, Dr Brad Law ... Key points from DPI Forest Science research include: New acoustic survey methods have demonstrated koalas occur more commonly throughout the north-east hinterland forests than previously appreciated ... Annual monitoring of koala occurrence in hinterland forests since 2015 has found a stable trend over time at a regional level. Trend data are generally not available from other regions ... A parallel study found that regulated timber harvesting had no significant impact on koala density ...

Guava Root-Knot Nematode detected in the Top End: NT Gov’t

A highly pathogenic and aggressive round worm which affects the crop yield of several vegetables, fruit and agricultural fibres has been detected in the Top End. Meloidogyne enterolobii, known as Guava Root-Knot Nematode, has been detected in four premises in Middle Point, Jingili, Palmerston and Malak.

Coonalpyn 2022 Show report and results

An excited crowd of over 600 people attended the recent Coonalpyn & District A & H Show on October 15th. Even though there were a few light showers in the morning, everyone was keen to see what the day had to offer. Coonalpyn always welcomes patrons from far and wide, and tripled its population for the day!

Forestry Australia welcomes landmark study on net benefits of multiple use forest management

Forestry Australia has welcomed a new study that highlights the significant value and benefits that state forests deliver for positive environmental, recreational, social and commercial outcomes. Assessing the net benefits of multiple use native forest management in Queensland found that state forests managed for multiple uses in South and Central Queensland delivered additional benefits and superior social outcomes over the long term when compared with benefits provided by national parks.

Undera update – the water recedes, the community hopes to future proof

Daryl Wiltshire from Undera reports that while the floodwaters are receding, the community is waiting and hoping that the rain that is forecast will not affect the region too much. Undera people are "hoping for a show of resolve from the authorities who control levees to future flood proof the farming area."

How chicken eggs became golden in Ukraine

Chicken eggs have become inaccessible to Ukrainians. From January 2020 to October 2022, the average price of chicken eggs has increased 3 times! The price of 10 eggs increased from UAH 21.07 to UAH 60.1. Over the same time period, the average cost of food in Ukraine increased by 42.1 per cent. And the average salary increased by only 5 per cent.

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