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A clip above the rest: Unveiling Australia’s shearing heritage at Shear Outback

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Hay, New South Wales, is a small town basks in the golden glow of the outback summer sun. It is a community whose history is deeply intertwined with the iconic figure of the Australian shearer. Here, amidst the vast sheep stations and dusty plains, lies Shear Outback: a treasure trove dedicated to preserving the rich legacy of this vital industry.

Shear Outback isn’t just a museum; it’s a multi-faceted experience that throws open the gates to the fascinating world of Australian sheep shearing. Step into the Australian Shearers’ Hall of Fame and meet the legendary characters who have shaped this unique culture. Their stories, etched in photographs and memorabilia, paint a vivid picture of the shearer’s life – a life of grit, camaraderie, and the rhythmic click of shears against sheep.

Beyond the Hall of Fame, the Shear Outback Exhibition delves deeper into the industry’s evolution. From the early days of hand shearing to the technological advancements of today, the exhibition showcases the tools, techniques, and challenges that have defined this practice. Interactive displays invite you to test your own shearing skills against the legendary Jackie Howe, the 19th-century champion known for his lightning-fast speed.

But the heart of Shear Outback beats within the historic Murray Downs Woolshed. This authentic shearing shed, transported piece by piece to its new home, comes alive with daily demonstrations. Watch skilled shearers expertly handle sheep, their practiced movements a testament to years of honed skill. Listen to their commentary, rich with the lingo of the trade, as they explain the intricacies of shearing and the different wool types. Learn about the crucial role wool plays in the Australian economy and the sustainable practices being implemented to ensure its continued success.

Beyond the shearing demonstrations, Shear Outback offers a chance to immerse yourself in the broader outback experience. Explore the Roundup Maze, a fun and challenging tribute to the mustering skills of stockmen. Wander through the Homestead Garden, a haven of native plants and a testament to the resilience of life in the arid landscape.

No visit is complete without a stop at the Shear Outback Café. Refuel with a delicious meal or indulge in a slice of homemade cake, all while soaking in the atmosphere of this unique cultural hub. In the gift shop there is an array of woollen items to purchase, alongside tempting relishes and a wide collection of children’s books, showcasing country life. The range of handbags, wallets and delicate jewellery makes Shear Outback the perfect place to snap up a unique gift, or treat for yourself.

Shear Outback is more than just a tourist attraction; it’s a living tribute to the men and women who have built a nation on the back of sheep. It’s a place to learn, be entertained, and gain a deeper appreciation for the iconic figure of the Australian shearer – a symbol of resilience, skill, and the enduring spirit of the outback.


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