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Welcome to Maldon Community Pantry – open Christmas Eve

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After little more than a month since opening, the Maldon Pantry is the go-to place in town. A collaborative project between Maldon Trinity Anglican Church and Maldon Neighbourhood Centre, the Maldon Pantry provides a variety of food items, including staples and treats, free of charge. 

During Christmas and the holiday season, you may be doing it tough.  You’ll be more than welcome to cost-free shop at Maldon Pantry – in the Trinity Anglican church ‘hall’ located on the church grounds in High Street. Delivering food boxes can be arranged for those who cannot physically come to the Pantry or carry items home. 

Are you keen to donate? Maybe you have a home-grown pumpkin or extra tomatoes to donate? Maybe on your next weekly shop, throw in a few additional items like cereals, toiletries or pet food to donate to the Maldon Pantry? Cash donations? All amounts add up to enable ‘missing’ items to be bought from Food Bank in Castlemaine. 

Update: Maldon Pantry is open this Christmas Eve (Sunday) 12.30pm to 2.30pm for cost-free shopping and donations, and then every Wednesday 9am to 11am throughout December and January.

Tarrangower Times 22 December 2023

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 22 December 2023.


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