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Local IT expert aids school with unique fundraiser

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Stefan Dannhausen, the owner of dkom IT support, is not just known for his technical prowess in Maldon. He’s also a community advocate with a heart for local education. In a unique blend of business and philanthropy, Stefan is rallying behind Maldon Primary School with an innovative fundraising campaign.

Stefan’s expertise as a state-certified IT technician has been sought by numerous small businesses in Maldon, Castlemaine, and Harcourt, including the likes of 48 Main and Maldon Newsagency. His clientele also extends to countless residential customers, all of whom have benefited from his professional and cost-effective IT support.

The IT professional’s commitment to his work is not just limited to his professional life. His seven-year-old daughter, Wyn, a first-grader at Maldon Primary School, is already showing signs of following in her father’s digital footsteps. “I was stunned when one day, Wyn asked if she could log on to the school’s learning portal. That seven-year-old hopped on my computer, found the website address, and logged herself in. My jaw dropped,” Stefan shared with a sense of pride.

In a surprising twist, Stefan has recently discovered that local schools, unlike those in his native Germany, are seeking donations for various needs, including school camps. This revelation has spurred him into action.

In a bid to support Maldon Primary School, Stefan’s business, dkom IT support, has launched a two-week sale of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021. The package, priced at $269, includes installation and carries no subscription charges. For each sale, a generous $100 will be donated to Maldon Primary School.

“It would be fantastic if a few dozen installations could be sold. Please spread the word and get yourself a bargain,” Stefan urges. He can be reached at 0491 751 761 or via email at

Stefan’s business, which began in Maldon in 2019, expanded to Bendigo in 2022, offering on-site services to customers in the Greater Bendigo Region. His services range from troubleshooting slow computers and internet issues to coaching and advice on software, hardware, and the internet.

With a background working for some of Germany’s largest car manufacturers, Stefan’s professionalism and attention to detail, coupled with a strong customer satisfaction ethos, underpin his business. His clear, patient explanations, especially appreciated by elderly customers, have made him a beloved figure in the community.

In a world increasingly reliant on digital technology, Stefan’s commitment to providing top-notch, affordable IT support is a godsend for individuals and small businesses alike. However, it’s his thoughtful approach to community support that adds a unique dimension to his work.

Tarrangower Times, 4 August 2023

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 4 August 2023.


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