Friday, June 2, 2023

Leader of the Opposition visits The Barkly

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Several of you would have seen a familiar face around town this week as Lia Finocchiaro, Leader of the Opposition joined Steve Edgington, Member for Barkly speaking with locals for updates from the Barkly region.

Both Lia and Steve held a well-attended public mobile office, visited businesses, local organisations and frontline services.

Lia stressed the importance of speaking to people on the ground to better represent them.

“Steve is a passionate advocate for the Barkly and it is always great to be here with him, hearing directly from locals helps me understand exactly what is going on,” she said.

“Working with Steve, our plan to reinvigorate the Barkly involves properly tackling crime, advocating for the incredible agricultural opportunities here and linking these farms with jobs on country.

“Rebuilding the Territory’s economy will also drive tourists back to the Barkly and address worker shortages.”

During her time Lia was also able to visit Ali Curung where she was able to see just how much work and funding is needed for this community.

“This is a community that continues to be promised a lot but delivered very little,” she said.

“Their promised youth centre under the Barkly Regional Deal is nothing but a sign on a fence and the school upgrade is still in the drawing phase.

“Steve’s fighting for all communities to get a better deal and the Barkly will be a big focus for any CLP Government.”

Lia said it won’t be long before she is back again and encourages any locals to get in touch with Steve to organise a catch up with her on her next visit.

Tennant & District Times 26 May 2023

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 26 May 2023.


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