Saturday, December 2, 2023

As Coen receives a resupply, Council urges communities to ‘Get Ready!’

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Cook Shire Council, Media Release, 17 January 2023

Cook Shire Council worked with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, local businesses and wholesale suppliers to coordinate delivery of essential supplies to the regional land-locked community of Coen, the Shire’s second largest township, and northern-most hub.

“Every year seasonal rains, flooding rivers and dangerous road conditions cause a large section of the Peninsular Development Road to close for weeks at a time, preventing many regional and remote communities across the Cape from obtaining essential supplies through traditional road transport routes,” said Cook Shire Mayor Peter Scott.

Daintree Air transported a total of five and a half tonnes of day-to-day provisions, including dry store grocery staples, fresh produce, mail and other essential supplies via six dedicated flights from Cairns to Coen on Tuesday 17 January 2023.

Coordinated resupplies provide isolated individuals and communities with essential goods needed for survival. Under Queensland Disaster Management arrangements, the state government pays the additional transport costs to deliver them.

Mayor Peter Scott reminded community members across the Cape that it is important to be self-sufficient and not to become reliant on resupply operations.

“Preparation is paramount. We urge households to plan ahead and get ready. You need at least five days of supplies to see you through, so there is absolutely no need to panic buy.”

For more information contact Cook Shire Council via email to or by phoning 4082 0500.


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