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Zak takes circus skills to the far north

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Denmark circus performer Zak Launay joined a team from the National Institute of Circus Arts to run a series of workshops in the Kimberley.

The team was based at Yiramalay, a community between Derby and Fitzroy Crossing, teaching keen students many of whom were already daring acrobats.

“It was really interesting to apply circus skills to their existing abilities,” Zak said.

He said it was a great opportunity to partner with the highly-professional NICA troupe.

“We are looking at possible options to organise residencies that could lead to workshops for the Denmark Circus Collective in the future,” Zak said.

A key focus of the workshops was to re-engage youth through circus.

Denmark Bulletin 8 December 2022

This article appeared in the Denmark Bulletin, 8 December 2022.


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