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Maldon Cemetery bans fake flowers

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A Maldon resident recently shared concerns regarding a ban on fake flowers at the Maldon Cemetery that will come into effect on 1 January 2023.

The ban will include plastic toys and ornaments and breakable containers.

“Lots of people put fake flowers on the graves,” said the resident. “We always use fake flowers on our family’s headstones.”

Christine Fitzgerald, a member of the Maldon Cemetery Committee, told the Times, “This issue was brought to a head when we were approached by members of the community who collected a shoebox of bits and pieces on the roadside across from the cemetery. It took two people less than half an hour.

“These items look lovely when first placed on graves but are soon disintegrating and blowing all around. Apart from the mess, these pieces can be dangerous for birds and other small wildlife. No explanation is required for the issue of broken glass,” said Christine.

“Our cemetery is a community asset, run by volunteers who do a great job but don’t have enough time to do this themselves. We encourage new volunteers to come along and lend a hand. You would be made very welcome.”

What are your thoughts on the ban? Do you leave plastic flowers at the gravestones of a loved one?

Do you know of other cemeteries that have a ban on certain items?

Write to and let us know what you think about the ban.

Tarrangower Times 30 September 2022

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 30 September 2022.


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