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Kendall Jennings, The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper

It was the second match for new head coach Darren Troy on a sunny Saturday afternoon for the Raiders (June 18). Raiders’ spectators were unaware they were in for a treat with the Seniors match.

The Woorinen Tigers scored the first goal within seconds of the first quarter, and when the Raiders responded by putting the ball into their forward line at the following centre bounce for a quick goal, the crowd erupted. With an already physical match of pushing and shoving, the Tigers gained the lead by a point. Warren Lolicato kicked a goal to put the Raiders in front.

Fifteen minutes into the quarter, scores were level with 13 points apiece. The quarter was intense, a goal for goal with scores drawn for each catch-up goal. The Raiders hit the lead late in the first quarter, around the twenty-third minute, and began to build a slight lead. The quarter siren sounded as the ball was marked by a Tigers forward. The kick would reduce the Raiders lead to one point. Woorinen was rattled and were last to leave the quarter-time huddle while the Raiders waited at their on-field positions.

The Tigers turned up the heat in the second quarter, the Raiders stood their ground and by half-time, the Tigers had a seven-point lead.

In the third quarter, Woorinen dominated, kicking four goals and two behinds, while the Raiders kicked a single behind.

In the final quarter, players had to contend with looking into the sun, with shadows on the ground making it difficult for players’ eyes to adjust. At the same time, the circling grey clouds sporadically plunged the field into darkness. There were glimpses of Raiders’ magic and hopefully, what will become with the Raiders rebuild. Woorinen’s defence was too strong, and the Raiders couldn’t convert. The Tigers pounced on the Raiders’ errors and scored from them. The Raiders left it all out on the field; the junior players stepping up into the senior ranks, for spectators that didn’t know, would not have been able to distinguish Colts from senior players, marking the new era of the Raiders.

Final scores Koondrook Barham had seven goals, four behinds (46), defeated by Woorinen with 14 goals, 11 behinds (95).

Jack Shannon (three goals), Jordan Iudica (one goal), Lucas Iudica, Colin McVeigh, James Martin and Lachlan Laursen were named the best players. Jacob Barrington, Todd Frankling and Warren Lolicato kicked a goal also. Kye Attwell kicked two behinds, while Colin McVeigh and Tom Amor kicked one behind.

With Raiders Reserves players heading to the Senior ranks, selected Colts players had two games Saturday, either bolstering Reserves or Senior ranks. It was a close first quarter for the Reserves with the Raiders in front by a goal. In the second quarter, the Tigers tightened up their game and never looked back, kicking three goals in the second quarter with a small charge from the Raiders. The Raiders could move the ball to the forward area but could not convert. The third and fourth quarters saw the Tigers dominate.

Final scores, the Raiders with three goals and six behinds (24) were defeated by the Tigers with 14 goals and 14 behinds (98).

Ash Molin, Josh Ward, Samuel Barr, Danny Main, Jackson Flisher and Ashley Matuch were named the Raiders’ best, with Colts player, Jake Lowry, kicking a goal with seasoned Reserves players, Darcy Hausler and Stephen Randall.

In the Colts, a tight first quarter, with the Raiders in front by six points. In the second quarter, it all went the Raiders’ way kicking five goals to Woorinen’s one goal. However, the Tigers would kick more goals in the third quarter, clawing back to a 28-point deficit. The magic started for the Raiders when Captain Joshua McMahon kicked a challenging angled goal on the run, taking the Raiders to 66 points. The Raiders returned to playing their style of footy in the final quarter, booting six goals to the Tigers one goal. Riley Davis was on fire, kicking back-to-back goals. The camaraderie of the Raiders saw 10 different goal kickers for the match.

Final scores, the Raiders with 16 goals and nine behinds (105) defeated Woorinen with seven goals and four behinds (46). Benjamin Miller (one goal), Eli Boyd (one goal), Mason Laursen, Xavier Leonard (two goals), Angus Laskowski and Riley Davis (three goals) were named the best players. Joshua McMahon kicked three goals, Will Lake kicked two goals. William Crichton, Nathaniel Leonard, Jake Lowry and Mitchell Lowry kicked a goal each.

In the Under 14.5s, Adam Pretty kicked five goals for the Raiders to win against the Tigers, who did not score. Adam Pretty (five goals), Eva Jones (one goal), Riley Davis (three goals), Jye Hamilton, Max Snowdon and Hayden Pope were named the best players. Final scores Raiders nine goals, seven behinds (61) defeated the Tigers nil score.

The Koondrook Barham Raiders face the Kerang Blues at Kerang on Saturday, June 19.

The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper 23 June 2022

This article appeared in The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper, 23 June 2022.



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