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cluBarham has finalised a 5-year strategic overview. It is an exciting time for cluBarham as a united team of staff, management and board members look towards the future.

It’s been just over 12 months in the top job for cluBarham CEO, Jason Wallace.

Steve Fullerton and Jason Wallace
cluBarham President, Steve Fullerton and CEO, Jason Wallace.
Photo: The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper

“We’re putting COVID-19 aside, it’s been a challenging year, but we are very excited with the great resources that we have, staff that have joined us and past employees that have returned – all staff are the highest priority of our resources,” said Jason.

“We’ve got a really good team that have shared and drive a new values-based internal and external expectations.”

The 5-year strategic vision aim is to directly contribute to local population and tourism growth that will enhance the economic benefit to the community. These will be achieved through seven key pillars – Our People, Community Development, Golf Course Precinct, cluBarham Precinct, Land Development, Accommodation Development and Governance.

“The main vision of it is really to focus on population growth and community support.

“As well as tourism growth, this also helps the economic benefit of all businesses in the community and giving back to the community as well.”

Employing 85 staff, cluBarham’s Our People pillar will invest in and develop staff, directors and inner club committees and focus on how customers choose cluBarham as the favourite place to visit.

“We’ve got a really good team; it’s taking us forward now and we can’t do it without a team.

“That’s the cornerstone of any business and we think we’re setting up a really good structure for the next five years.”

Several of the pillars cover the development and improvement of current cluBarham assets including the cluBarham golf precinct, the Barham lakes complex, the Cobwell Street site and the cluBarham precinct.

“The strategic plan involved key stakeholders, such as the bowls committee and the golf committee, and key staff and the board of directors who have ultimately adopted the new strategic plan.

“We really need to do something with the golf course clubhouse, it’s been neglected for many years.”

Steve Fullerton, president of cluBarham, said, ‘’We are currently resourcing appropriate architects and key services to commence a master plan for both the Golf Club precinct and the main club. It is important for the board of directors to provide good governance in planning and feasibility to aid in appropriate decision making and to maximise the potential of our assets for the community and cluBarham.’’ 

Jason would also like to see major/regional sporting events to attract further economic benefit for the community through golf and bowls. “We are also aiming to attract an annual tennis tournament to the town as well.”

When it comes to the development of the lakes and Cobwell Street site, cluBarham will be seeking guidance/feedback from members and the community with surveys. These surveys will commence during the early stages of the financial year.

“We’ve engaged local town planner, Kate O’Neill, and Spire to look at due diligence of all the properties to gain firstly, an understanding of infrastructure at present, zoning conditions, overlays and flood mitigation plans. These initial reports will provide a base for cluBarham to work from.

“Lastly the Murray River Council housing strategy, due in September 2022, will also be a guide to link to our vision of population growth.”

The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper 19 May 2022

This article appeared in The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper, 19 May 2022.



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