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Closing the Gap: First NT Implementation Plan

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Selena Uibo, NT Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Media Release, 23 August 2021

The Territory Labor Government has today released the first Closing the Gap NT Implementation Plan in partnership with APO NT and LGANT.

This move follows the establishment of the historic National Agreement on Closing the Gap, which reflects a shared genuine and meaningful commitment to achieve equity for First Nations people.

The NT Implementation Plan outlines key actions and the transformation of Government to work in partnership with Aboriginal people and organisations to achieve the outcomes and objectives of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

The Territory plan focuses on four priority reform areas:

  • Formal Partnerships and Shared decision-making: Aboriginal Territorians are empowered to share decision-making authority with governments and accelerate policy.
  • Building the Aboriginal community-controlled sector: building the strong and sustainable Aboriginal community controlled sector delivering high quality services to Aboriginal Territorians.
  • Transforming government organisations: governments, organisations and institutions are accountable for Closing the Gap.
  • Shared access to data and information at a regional level: Aboriginal Territorians have access and the capability to use locally relevant data and information to set and monitor the implementation efforts.

The Territory will take a phased approach to the implementation of Closing the Gap, in line with the timeframes set out in the National Agreement, and reflecting the unique circumstances of the Territory.

Quotes from Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Selena Uibo:

“Closing the Gap represents a fundamental shift in the relationship between the different levels of government, and Aboriginal people, communities, and organisations.

“The National Agreement on Closing the Gap will ensure that the voices of Aboriginal people are being heard, and power and control is being given back to Aboriginal people and their communities, and we are all being held accountable.

“The Northern Territory Closing the Gap Implementation Plan sets out how Northern Territory policies and projects are aligned to the National Agreement, and what we will do to ensure we achieve the priority reforms.

“The Territory Labor Government is delivering for Aboriginal Territorians, and is proud to help drive this important step towards Closing the Gap.”

Quotes from APO NT Co-Chair, John Paterson:

“The NT Implementation Plan is an important milestone in strengthening the partnership and shared decision-making with government that is at the heart of the Closing the Gap National Agreement.

“Without this we cannot deliver the improved health, social and economic outcomes for our communities that we have committed to and that are rightly demanded of us.

“We have been pleased to work in partnership with the NT Government, Local Government Association of the NT and the Commonwealth in developing this implementation plan.”

Quotes from CEO LGANT, Sean Holden:

“The NT Closing the Gap Implementation Plan reflects the commitment of the NT Government, the Aboriginal Peaks Organisations NT and the Local Government Association of the NT to work collaboratively to achieve the objectives of the Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap.

“Local Government is the largest employer of Aboriginal people in the NT and 60% of our elected members are Aboriginal. Our Councils are uniquely placed to deliver on the targets of Closing the Gap”.

To read the Closing the Gap NT Implementation Plan please visit:


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