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Stop Puppy Farming laws passed WA Lower House

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John Carrey, WA Government Minister, Media Release, 19 August 2021

  • McGowan Government’s Stop Puppy Farming legislation passes the lower house
  • The new laws will prevent cruelty towards dogs and help families establish that their pets have come from legitimate and traceable sources
  • Legislation will also include reforms to de-muzzle greyhounds
  • Proposed laws have overwhelming community support  

Laws to end puppy farming in Western Australia have today passed the State Parliament’s lower house.

The laws have overwhelming support in the community and were a key election commitment of the McGowan Government in 2017, but were blocked during the previous term of government by the Liberal-National Coalition.

The Stop Puppy Farming legislation, which also includes reforms to de-muzzle greyhounds, involves changes to the Dog Act 1976 that minimise the number of dogs suffering neglect and requiring rehoming by regulating the breeding and sale of dogs in WA.

The proposed new laws include:

  • mandatory sterilisation of dogs by two years of age unless exempt;
  • the transition of pet shops into adoption centres;
  • a centralised registration system to hold information on dogs, cats and approved breeders, to assist with monitoring and enforcement; and
  • the de-muzzling of pet greyhounds. 

The Centralised Registration System will streamline the registration of dogs across Western Australia. Everyone will be able to register their dog and cats online, and easily transfer registration if they move between local governments. The system will replace the many individual systems currently managed by each local government, streamlining the registration and tracking of dogs across the State.

Additionally, when purchasing a dog from any dog owner, breeder or approved pet shop in Western Australia, information must be provided to consumers that may assist them in determining whether the dog has been ethically bred and raised.

A public awareness campaign will inform the community about when the provisions will come into effect.

Comments attributed to Local Government Minister John Carey:

“I am happy to see these legislative reforms progress through the lower house and take another step towards becoming law in this State.

“These laws will provide important safeguards that protect the welfare of dogs and ensure we stop the cruel practices of puppy farming.

“One third of WA households count a dog as a member of their family and these laws have overwhelming support in the community.

“This is another great example of the McGowan Government getting common-sense legislation through Parliament and delivering the reforms needed to make our State an even better and fairer place to work, live and to do business.”

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