Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Viewpoint from “Euralie”, Yass – environment and energy

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Paul Simons, ARR.News
Paul Simons, ARR.News
As a teenager, saw the last year of WWII out as a British Merchant Seaman on Arctic Convoys. Settled in Australia in 1949 and joined Woolworths as a Management Trainee in 1954 - retiring as Executive Chairman, Woolworths Ltd from 1987-1995. Since 1982, owner of wool-producing property "Euralie" and a second property "Glencoe" in the last five years. Recipient of an AM, an Honorary Doctorate, Griffith University, and graduate of Advanced Management Program, Harvard University.
Euralie geese
“Euralie” (and our domestic geese). Photo: Paul Simons

This week, the Federal Government excused itself from its obligation to reduce our carbon emissions which lead to extreme weather situations. 

Of course, many other farmers across the nation (as well as householders) have installed solar panels.  With our abundant natural resources of sunshine, wind and water, we’ve taken a leaf out of nature’s book and for example, last year, installed solar panels for both sheep properties so that we have an independent supply of power for all our needs.

Out here at Euralie” and at “Glencoe”, we are anxious to preserve what is left of our natural habitats and hopefully grow it. ANU (Australian National University) is studying the benefits of our extensive tree planting (shelter belts), e.g. 16,000 at “Euralie” over the last 20 years. 

At “Glencoe”, we now have 67 varieties of bird life from a much lower base than a number of years ago & tomorrow, ANU is listing the bird varieties here at “Euralie”, which they believe have increased because of our preservation of natural habitats (20% or 500 acres / 200 ha of “Euralie” and around 25% or 2,000 acres / 800 ha) of “Glencoe”.  These areas of native fauna and flora are fenced-off and not grazed. 

All of the above has been paid for by landholders and householders with little or no help from the Federal Government and because the main power grid is being overloaded, rather than being paid for the electricity we put into the grid, we are about to be charged for putting it in by the energy company.  The reason for this is that the national power grid hasn’t been upgraded by the Government – another failure of the Federal Governments, past and present.


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