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Magnificent men and their flying machines

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If you’ve ever dreamed of piloting an historic fighter plane such as a Spitfire or Mustang or maybe even a biplane or helicopter then the Toowoomba Aeromodellers Association has the next best option and anyone is welcome to join in the fun.

Weather permitting members of the Association meet on Thursdays and weekends to enjoy their passion for flying scale models of their favourite planes to test their flying skills not just regarding take offs and landings but also aerobatics.

Members are all licensed with the Model Aircraft Association of Australia and as such are covered by insurance and regulations that ensure safety and compliance to regulations at a national, state and local level.

Club member Steve Jones said the regulations administered by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for their radio controlled model planes have lately become tougher as CASA wrestles with the problems created by the now common use of drones to unregulated buyers.

Despite new regulations members of the Toowoomba club enjoy the social side of being with like minded people and barbecues and a quiet drink are popular where conversations revolve around the day’s flying and their aircraft.

A basic second hand model aircraft can be purchased for around $5000 and the club has aircraft available for non members to try while deciding whether to join the club.

The development of electric motors powered by lithium type batteries has seen increased performance capabilities in model aircraft in recent years but gas powered and ethanol powered craft are still popular.

Club members often participate in competitions held by other clubs around South East Queensland where members enjoy camping and all the social interaction that comes from meeting new people gathered together for a common interest.

With over 25,000 people registered around Australia in Model Aircraft Clubs this form of recreation is obviously booming as technology developments make model aircraft flying more enjoyable and less expensive.

Looking for a new place to land

While the club has been flying from a site near Westbrook it is now looking to lease a suitable two or three acre paddock south or south west of Toowoomba, away from homes and major roads with air space to fly the model planes.

Enquiries regarding membership or anyone with an unused paddock that may suit the club’s purpose can contact Steve Jones on 0459 638 655 or Michael Paul on 0419029 501.

This article appeared in On Our Selection News, 11 July 2024


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