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Ben’s “pretty chuffed”

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The Naracoorte District Men’s Shed is a vital part of the community, offering men a supportive and productive space.

That’s the word from member of the Legislative Council and Shadow Assistant Minister for Regional South Australia, Ben Hood, who visited the members as part of Men’s Health Week last week.

While this was a special visit, Mr Hood said he was also “pretty chuffed to be the newest member of the Naracoorte District Men’s Shed”.

“Men’s Sheds are a vital part of our communities, offering fellowship and an active, supportive, productive space for men,” he told The [Naracoorte Community] News.

He said it was great to be at the Naracoorte District’s Men’s Shed last week to visit the members and see the wonderful work that they are doing.

“We know that men’s sheds around Australia are such a great benefit to the community because they offer a space for men to gather and have some fellowship and friendship in a supportive and productive space.

“The Naracoorte District Men’s Shed is absolutely no exception.

“It was wonderful to see the great spaces that the Men’s Shed has created and to see the smiling faces of all the men that were there enjoying each other’s company but being active in the community—building and fostering great relationships with others in the community.”

Mr Hood said more investment was needed to have more men’s sheds in the Limestone Coast region.

“I am looking forward to supporting the men’s sheds in the Limestone Coast, and especially the Naracoorte District Men’s Shed, into the future.

“We really need to invest in our men’s sheds because it, again, offers such a great space for men to be able to have fellowship and friendship and be able to talk about what’s happening in their lives.

“We know that sometimes men can lock up their feelings and aren’t necessarily ready and willing to talk about things like mental health and other things.

“It’s certainly important that we have these men’s sheds in the Limestone Coast. I will certainly be a huge supporter of this.”

The Naracoorte News 19 June 2024

This article appeared in the Naracoorte Community News.


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