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Fabulous Feast

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The weather gods were pleased with the sacrifices for Barham’s inaugural Feast! 21 degrees at 9pm in April is a miracle, and the patrons rejoiced, delighting in local produce and live music!

Over 100 people filled the beautifully arranged setting from event company Mack and Mills on the boardwalk. Thankfully, musician Elise Drake was situated to the park-side of the Barham Boardwalk as the siren lured many in her direction. 

With laughter and song, the procession of beautiful meals from Ivy Joyce owners Cynthia Burbury and Lauren Mathers were expertly delivered by a team of Barham High School students, Western Murray Land Improvement employees and cluBarham staff.

Citrus-cured cod with crusty bread and rare beef with pepper berry, cauliflower puree and pomegranate was the first of three courses with plates licked clean. To heighten the senses and refresh the parched travellers, local libations of the finest – Restdown Wines, Baham Citrus Gin and Barham beer, both a larger and pale ale, were at hand. Josh Forster of cluBarham notoriety kept the fluids flowing, and in no time at all, dinner was served. Berkshire loin pork with crackle and slow roasted lamb was complemented with potato with organic silver beet and leek, baby red cos with vinaigrette and roasted Jap pumpkin with honey, walnut and orange zest.

If one hadn’t fully reached the limits of their belt buckle or bottom buttons, dessert was soon upon them. The rich, decadent mix of an avocado chocolate mousse with walnut praline enriched the senses.    

Murray Downs broad acre and cod farmer Rodney Dunn and wife Valerie thoroughly enjoyed the night. 

“It was a really good night,” said Rodney.

“It’s really good to show the produce that is around; everyone was there, from wine to beer, avocadoes, beef, lamb and pork. It was just fantastic.”

Yvette Myhill attended with her partner Marty. 

“We had an excellent night, we loved it.

“Just great location, great food and great company.

“With the organiser, I don’t think there was any hiccup at all, it all ran very smoothly.

“I think events like this are crucial, I think we miss the opportunity to celebrate what we have a lot of the time when we’re working on it. I think it’s really important to bring everyone together and celebrate what we have.”  

Former Barham resident and co-owner of Ramblers Ale Works, Ben Leslie, was delighted to be back on country soil. 

“I really enjoyed being able to come home and see that the town has so many people who care about the community and are always trying to make it grow. I found that really inspiring.

“The region has a huge amount to offer and I thought that was shown really well at the feast.

“There was so much local produce and it was really varied.

“The setting was stunning!”

Murray Connect Community Liaison Manager Karen Lyons was thrilled with the outcome of the evening.

“I thought it was stunning. 

“We were very fortunate with the weather and I thought the design from Mack and Mills was stunning. 

“The product that Ivy Joyce produced sang on a plate, I thought it was beautiful. 

“The Ramblers product was hugely successful and is now being sold at the club, and Restdown Wines just complemented the meal perfectly. 

“The support and service put on by cluBarham was paramount to a successful night.

“The community support from both sides of the river and local businesses has been heartwarming. 

 “The Barham High School young adults were beautiful. 

“The support The [Koondrook and Barham] Bridge showed was exemplary; it was amazing. 

“Elise Drake, she sang beautifully and she sang for four hours, God love her.” 

Hopefully the first of many!

The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper 2 May 2024

See all the pictures from the event in the issue.

This article appeared in The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper, 2 May 2024.


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