Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ali Bohn, The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper


I would walk 500 miles for dementia: wrap up

When I decided I wanted to do this walk for dementia awareness in honour of Mum, I thought it would be nice if a few friends joined me for a walk along the river. Maybe we would do a little bit of walking here and there across the month of September, wear a piece of tartan for fun and at a push perhaps I could raise $500.

Inclusively divided

I have vivid memories of Monday mornings from my childhood at Eureka Street Primary School, standing out on the asphalt for assembly in the freezing cold as we joined in singing the Australian National Anthem as the flag monitors rose the Australian flag ... As cold and miserable as it was, I do not once recall any of us complaining about the anthem containing lyrics that offended or made us feel excluded. We students were from all walks of life ... The thing is we were all part of the same thing and nobody even considered the thought of needing their own title. Sexual orientation or preference was irrelevant ...