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Statement on Closing Loopholes Bill: NFF

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David Jochinke, President, National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), Media Release, 29 November 2023

It’s disappointing the House of Representatives passed the Albanese Government’s Closing Loopholes Bill.

We’ve consistently called out this Bill for being fraught with issues that it will make it harder and more expensive to create employment opportunities in farming. 

The Bill has been a catastrophe with constant tinkering and reams of amendments representing just how complicated and rushed it is.

Put simply, as it stands it will create layers of complexity for small farming businesses. 

The NFF welcomes rational and well-considered reform to industrial relations and labour policy, yet we have a Bill in front of us that will do the opposite. 

We call on the Senate to have the common sense to make sure this Bill as it stands does not go through. 

Let’s fix this Bill so we have good policy that ensures farms are competitive and desirable workplaces. 


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