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Farmers fear more red tape on the way, with NSW Government launching new water review: NSW Farmers Association

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NSW Farmers Association, Media Release, 20 November 2023

The state’s largest farming organisation is warning government against introducing more red tape for farmers with a new review into stock and domestic water rights getting underway.

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The Department of Planning and Environment is conducting a review of stock and domestic water rights saying it wants to know more about how water is being extracted by farmers and whether changes are needed to the ways its regulated.

President of the NSW Water Taskforce, Richard Bootle, is urging the NSW Government to remember the basic right for landholders to access water is absolutely essential.

“While urban citizens have water delivered to their kitchens, in the country the basic human right to supply of quality water is now being examined.

“Since this important right was introduced, farming has evolved in its needs, but the basic right to an adequate supply of water for normal operations must continue.

“This right is not about irrigation or broad scale production, but about ensuring country people can be secure in their remote locations without more government red tape to justify their daily lives.

“There are many challenges to living in regional NSW, with poorer facilities of health care, transport options and education options, however one challenge should not be governments taking away the security of allowing farmers access to adequate water,” Mr Bootle said.

NSW Farmers has written to the Department outlining that current levels of regulation of stock and domestic rights are sufficient.


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