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“How’s that” for K O Masters Oval

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In 2021, SDRC approved a grant to the Allora Sports Club toward the cost of sinking a water bore at the K O Masters Cricket Oval in Allora. The bore was sunk at a discounted price by Sam Darr from Darr Drilling and Will Duff provided the electrical services under the same arrangement. The Department of Natural Resources approved an extension of the Sports Club’s water allocation to include the cricket ground bore.

During 2022 the Sports Club applied for a grant through the Department of Sport and Recreation to install an irrigation system to water the entire cricket oval. The grant was submitted on behalf of the Allora and Victoria Hill Cricket clubs. It had become clear that the Allora cricket oval’s playing surface was not up to the standard required and we were in danger of losing our home games to ovals in Warwick.

The Department of Sport and Recreation approved a grant of $95,500 towards the cost of the irrigation system and local business Warrego Water was the successful tenderer for the job. There have been a number of long delays in getting the system installed, however it is finally fully operational. The system is highly sophisticated and totally automatic, making it easier for the hard working volunteers who maintain the oval.

Allora has a long and successful association with cricket, producing many quality players who went on to represent at district and state levels. Some of us remember playing with the first generation of May brothers, Ronny, Keith, Errol and Lindsay when the game was played with a “take no prisoners” edict. If you dropped a catch off Ronny’s bowling on Sunday you had to avoid him all the next week.

The cricket oval is perfectly located adjacent to the Allora State School and is available for use by the students at all times. It is also used for athletics, football training, jogging and walking.

The Sports Club will need an increased water allocation to ensure the system is effective in improving the playing surface and John Ellwood, Secretary of the club has approached SDRC for a seasonal transfer of a small portion of their allocation to assist in improving this terrific community asset. John is very confident that with the appropriate level of care and maintenance, the K O Masters Oval will one day be in as good condition as Slade Park in Warwick, which is a credit to its curators.

If anyone is interested in helping out with the maintenance of the K O Masters Oval, please contact John or Wendy at the Sports Club.

Allora Advertiser 25 October 2023

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This article appeared in the Allora Advertiser, 25 October 2023.


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