Thursday, November 30, 2023

Penny McKinlay award to Nobby gardeners

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Entering the Carnival of Flowers garden competition for the first time, Nobby couple Peter and Amanda Roberts have surprised themselves with several awards for their footpath garden entry.

Awarded First Place in the Regional section for first time contestants in the Footpath Garden division the Nobby couple then gained Second Place in the overall Regional Footpath Garden division.

Further awards came with a High Commendation in the ABC Southern Qld. Rod Hultgren Memorial Award, run by well known gardening identity Penny McKinlay, who has donated the prize of a generous gift voucher to spend at her Pittsworth nursery.

Peter and Amanda have now set a standard they will have to match next year and Nobby will be the real winner as they will no doubt once again beautify the footpaths of Nobby outside “Pepperina” in the old Brodie building.

On Our Selection News 21 September 2023

This article appeared in On Our Selection News, 21 September 2023.


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