Friday, September 29, 2023

Investors visit solar farm

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The Grong Grong Solar Farm team hosted crowd equity investors and other stakeholders onsite last Thursday, and also shared a drink and some food at the Royal Hotel afterwards, where they were joined by workers on the solar farm.

Shareholders came from Narrandera, Wagga, Canberra, Sydney and even an investor and his father who drove up from Melbourne for a road trip!

The Grong Grong Solar Farm team showed them through the site, and took time to explain how bifacial solar panels work, the single axis tracking mounting system that will see the solar panels follow the sun and how the solar farm connects to the grid.

Everyone was excited to see the solar farm take shape with some solar panels installed, after many years of planning and work. The investors were excited to see what their investment has created.

The team also did some filming for the Crowd Equity campaign video, for which the EOI will launch on the Birchal website on Tuesday 12th September, inviting new investors from as low as $250. 

Narrandera Argus 14 September 2023

This article appeared in the Narrandera Argus, 14 September 2023.


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