Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Nolan family celebrates 70 years at Fairfield

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Helen and Gerard Nolan, Allora Advertiser

The extended Nolan family and friends celebrated 70 years since John and Rita (nee McGahan) moved to “Fairfield” Ellinthorp with two small boys and a six week old baby.

John and Rita were married on February 17, 1947 at St Marys in Warwick and lived at Freestone in the early years.

The farm at Ellinthorp was bought in May 1953 on a walk-in walk-out basis with plant, livestock and some furniture.

The original farm was 338 acres with more cows than they were used to and life was busy from day one.

There were rough gravel roads, party line telephone and no electricity.

The mail was received at Ellinthorp siding and it was thrown from the passing mail train that went through to Brisbane at 12 o’clock each day.

The cream was picked up at the dairy and couple of days a week was taken to the Allora Butter Factory.

Family memories was that it was one of the coldest winters and no rain until September.

Aside from these memories “Fairfield” provided a wonderful family life for Vince, Kevin, Marie, Peter, Pauline, Gerard and Julie.

John Nolan passed away on 23 January, 1981 and Rita continued to live at Fairfield until 2003 when she relocated to Allora and passed away 17 February, 2017.

From 2003 the property was owned by Vince & Lorraine Nolan and family and they have undertaken some wonderful restoration and improvements to Fairfield.

Vince and Lorraine hosted a fantastic gathering on 20 May 2023.

Wonderful to see many family, friends and neighbours who had travelled from all parts of south-east Queensland.

Great to see representation of a number of generations of the Nolan family.

We were blessed with a lovely autumn day and we enjoyed a light lunch and cutting of the cake during the afternoon.

See all the photos in the issue.

Allora Advertiser 24 May 2023

This article appeared in the Allora Advertiser, 24 May 2023.


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