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If you find riding your push bicycle a little arduous these days, you don’t have to leave Maldon for the solution.

Glen Ballinger from Maldon Bicycles can convert your loved bicycle into an electric bicycle. Glen is excited to share this new service with the community of Maldon and surrounds. Any bicycle can be converted, including vintage bicycles.

The ‘Rubbee X’ is an attachable electric motor that assists your pedalling. It uses a wireless cadence sensor to detect your pedalling pattern, making you go faster, further, and with less effort. Glen says, “Probably the best function with these motors is that they can easily be removed from your bicycle and transferred to another, so if you have two bicycles, you only need one electric motor.” 

Glen genuinely loves old bicycles and takes pride in restoring vintage bicycles. One customer recently called his shop, the bicycle RSPCA!

From Saturday, 3 June, Glen will offer Bicycle Repair Lessons in his workshop. You will learn how to change tubes and tyres, repair punctures, straighten wheels, tune gears, balance brakes and how to undertake a basic service and 10-point safety check. Lessons will run for four weeks and take one hour and 15 minutes per lesson. The start time is to be confirmed. The cost will be just $60. What a great gift idea!  

Another innovative service Glen will be offering shortly is leasing bicycles through accommodation providers in Maldon. He will be working in conjunction with Jamie from Maldon Getaways in this unique arrangement where Glen will supply and service the bicycles.

Glen repairs and restores bicycles, and he can also sell your unwanted bicycles on consignment. His workshop is at shop 4/8 High Street, Maldon (next door to Maldon Crystals and the Lions Opportunity Shop). Open on Fridays 10am – 5pm and Saturdays 9am – 12pm during April/May. Glen will advise new days/times in late May. You can phone or text Glen outside these hours on 0499 876 595 or email:

Tarrangower Times 5 May 2023

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 5 May 2023.


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