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There was a buzz of activity in Maldon last Tuesday, with the filming of a four-part mini-series named Scrublands getting underway. Dolphin Street was blocked off to the public while the film crew and actors took over.

Production managers, assistants, camera operators, sound technicians, and even a nurse were part of the entourage in town making the film. Ally was employed in her role as a nurse to take care of any injuries and illnesses and told the TT, “Maldon is a lovely place to work in.”

Mark, from Bendigo, was working for the production as a traffic controller; he was dressed in Hi-Vis and ready to close the roads and hold off pedestrians at crucial times while the cameras rolled.

It was a perfect sunny day, and the crew had set up camp on the corner of Main and Dolphin Streets, where they could take advantage of the shade under the shop verandahs. Mary from the Newsagency told the TT she had barely noticed the action in town, which seemed unusually quiet. “The team has spoken with every business in town to let us know what was happening and nobody has complained,” she said.

Tarrangower Times 24 February 2023

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 24 February 023.


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