Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Sizzling start to school

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Maldon preps

This year Maldon PS has welcomed 16 preps to our school. This is the highest number of prep enrolments we have had for many years. We have also had some new enrolments across the school, bringing our enrolment number to 84 students.

Even though there were some nervous faces on day one, the staff and students were very excited to be back this week.

Some highlights from the preps about their first day:

Maldon preps

Archie – I liked playing with Sam.
Rosie – I liked drawing and playing on the playground.
Elke – I liked seeing my sister in the other room and outside at play times.
Hayden – I liked playing with my friends.

Tarrangower Times 3 February 2023

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 3 February 2023.


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