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Lismore Theatre Company – LTC 2023

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Lismore Theatre Company, Dunoon and District Gazette

Lismore Theatre Company is pleased to announce its 2023 season.

The program of plays will open in April with the premiere of Hungry Ghosts written by James May and directed by Junia Wulf.

Hungry Ghosts, James May’s first full-length play, exposes the heart and soul of the gritty side of life on the fringe in an Olympic city. Compulsions, addictions and obsessions torture the lives of these often misunderstood people.

Director Junia Wulf said: “I feel honoured to bring James May’s vision to life.” James, who calls Lismore home, recently had his short play Sissy listed as a finalist in the Drill Hall Theatre’s Hot Shorts competition.

The second play to be staged in August is David Williamson’s Dead White Males, an exploration into the importance of language and truth.

Director Sharon Brodie said: “I love plays that make me think and question ideas long after I have left the play and this one does it well.”

In this play by Australia’s most famous playwright, we follow a young woman at university as she learns how to critically think and challenge ideas. We also get to explore her family of origin and reevaluate the ‘truths’ she has always assumed about her family.

“Nothing is as it appears at first and sometimes we have to be challenged to change,” Sharon Brodie said.

Rounding off the season in November is Closer by Patrick Marber, to be directed by Kylie Fuad.

In Closer, a quartet of strangers are caught in a sexual square dance in which partners are constantly swapped, caught between desire and betrayal. This award-winning play by Patrick Marber is a brilliant exploration into the brutal anatomy of modern romance.

Director Kylie Fuad said: “I chose this play as it’s an intense, dark and challenging work that allows me to work with four talented local actors to bring it to life.”

LTC President Sylvia Clarke expects 2023 will again see Rochdale Theatre’s calendar of performances augmented by external bookings for a variety of other events.

“With many Lismore facilities closed as a result of the floods, our theatre was used in 2022 for music events, parties, workshops, drama classes, school performances, meetings, church services and many other events. Those bookings that provide welcome additional income to our theatre, are sure to continue into the new year,” Sylvia said.

Also in the new year, the company will hold an open audition day for anyone interested in acting to come and try out. Follow the LTC Facebook page to keep up to date.

The theatre always welcomes new members interested in any of the numerous on or off-stage roles. Membership is open via the website and ensures members receive regular newsletters and are covered by insurance.

Dunoon and District Gazette December 2022-January 2023

This article appeared in the Dunoon and District Gazette, December 2022-January 2023.


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