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The Ekka – Wesley Paul Daniells

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Wesley Paul Daniells, On Our Selection News

Last Sunday, off to the Ekka we did go.
Our hearts were light, we all love the show.
Met up with the kids at Chelmer and caught a train,
For city travel it is best in sunshine, hail or rain.

Not a worker in sight, but families and prams.
The passengers are joyful down to a man.
You beaut! We’re first in the queue at the entrance gate.
A return ticket and admission is bought with all haste.

Sideshow alley, Nova Park, food, this place is a wow!
We visit the goats, the pigs and the dairy cows
The beef cattle lying in rows and chewing on hay
Are massive and quiet, the smell takes our breath away.

The cattlemen’s boys have a spider or two
To drop on your shoulder as you are watching out for poo.
The bilby on display a must to visit
Long ears hidden behind paws, so timid, he’s rigid.

The horses are gleaming and clopping away briskly
With riders in jodhpurs and helmets, immaculate and frisky

Crowd control tells us to stop, to wait or to go.
As trucks and competitors move in single file row.

The fed steers draw our attention under the Moreton Bay Figs
Fattened for the butcher, to their fate they never twig.
What’s this we spy? American Bison looking forlorn.
Great shaggy beasts of the plains, we thought they’d all gone

About eight milling around in a pen by the rock face.
What a great day we’re having in this wonderful place
To the sheep pavilion, after looking at draught horses.
The fashion models pull crowds with magnetic-like forces

Poultry in four tier cages, crowing and scratching around
Indian Game, Wyandottes and Sussex make a raucous sound.
Next the Police display behind some dull green water tanks.
Police and Railways have united their forces, we say thanks

Dogs lying separately in cubicles kept company by owners
Looking so glum, as passer-by’s scrutinize each of the loners

Fruit displayed strawberries, bananas, pumpkins and tomatoes.
Honey, and harvests of grain, nuts and potatoes.

The government pavilions urging us to save water.
The meat hall and cars with salesmen ready to barter.

Strawberry sundaes a must have to eat.
The crowds are increasing its hard to find a seat

Now the brother-in-law competes in the veteran woodchop.
Over sixties underhand, but his back hurt, he had to stop.
Ring the bell with a hammer looked easy to do
We’re sure it was rigged, the prizes were lousy too.

The squeals and music, the fumes and fanfare
Amongst the Go-karts, Paratrooper and Thunderbolt if you dare.

A ride called the “No Limit’ gave the niece a wild round.
She went up and around and around, I stayed on the ground.

About here the money cut out, so off to the A T M
Bendigo Bank’s provided so patrons can fill their pockets again.
So what if we get through some cash, the excitement is great,
We’re having fun, terror, and wonder and it’s worth the wait.

On to the ferris wheel after some delays with the power.
Fireworks must be coming soon, when we get off this tower.
What a crowd in the stands all expectant and hush.
Hurrah! The fireworks have started with a rush.

They light up the sky. We all marvel, what spectacular show.
More, better, higher and brighter, they set the east coast aglow.
There’s joy on the faces and amazement and wonder.
The explosions are deafening, but we enjoy all the thunder.

Clouds of smoke drift off to the south in the bright light.
It’s over! And we are off to the train to end our night.
My legs are aching, my head is thumping we’ve had such fun.

Once a year is enough we agree as our journey home has begun.

On Our Selection News 11 August 2022

This article appeared in On Our Selection News, 11 August 2022.


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