Saturday, August 13, 2022

Good crowds attend local poultry show

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Southern Downs Poultry Club recently staged their popular Annual Poultry Show and Treaty at the Allora Showgrounds.

Exhibitors and interested parties came from many parts of Queensland as well as New South Wales.

Clockwise from left: Reserve Champion Bird of the Show – a Light Sussex Bantam – owner Leanne Dobell. Grand Champion Bird of the Show – a Bantam Old English male cockerel – owner Terry Politch; Spectators and exhibitors enjoying the well organised show and treaty; A big thanks from the Southern Downs Poultry Club to the wonderful sponsors who supported the Show. Photos: Allora Advertiser

In fact there were more entries than expected so extra cages were needed.

The judges were very impressed with the quality of entries as well as the cleanliness of the cages and the pavilion.

L-R: Champion Indian Runner Water Fowl – owner Darren Rafton; Reserve Champ Light Sussex Bantam – Leanne Doepel; Champ Soft Feather Bantam White Pekin – Tracey Lamb; Champ LHF Dark Indian large cockerel – Robyn & Helen Wust; Grand Champ Bantam Old English male cockerel – Terry Politch. Photos: Allora Advertiser

Allora Advertiser 3 August 2022

This article appeared in the Allora Advertiser, 3 August 2022.



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