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Farmers say cracks appearing in egg market

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NSW Farmers Association, Media Release, 18 June 2022

The cost of a weekend brekkie favourite could be set to rise with the price of eggs on supermarket shelves jumping up, and farmers say they’re fed up with major retailers not passing on increases.

Photo: NSW Farmers Association

Consumers have seen supermarket egg prices rise between 30 and 50 cents per dozen, but NSW Farmers Poultry Committee Chair Brett Langfield said egg producers had not seen the price rise at the farm gate, calling on major retailers to lift their game.

“The prices in the supermarkets are up, up and they’re saying it’s inflation, it’s floods, it’s fuel and power prices, but they’re not the only ones bearing those costs,” Mr Langfield said.

“They’ve increased the fresh food prices up but they’re not paying the egg producers any more and it just stinks.

“Consumers need to know the farmers are being left out in the cold and they’re starting to crack.”

The cost of living has been a significant concern this year not only for Australian households but also farmers, who are dealing with soaring power prices, high grain and raw material prices, increased distribution costs, and ongoing workforce issues. Mr Langfield said while the price makers in the supermarkets had raised prices to support their businesses, farmers were price-takers and were being pushed to breaking point.

“Eggs are a very cheap source of protein for Aussie households, but if the retailers don’t pass on price increases we’ll see farmers pushed out of the market,” Mr Langfield said.

“This would be terrible news for families and for farmers, and the public needs to know what’s happening.

“I want the big supermarkets to show a little heart and support the people who are actually growing the food for Aussie families this winter.”


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