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Argentinian dishes proving popular in Narrandera

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A delay in starting employment has resulted in an Argentinian woman now living in Narrandera turning her hand to cooking familiar South American delicacies to tantalise the taste buds of Narrandera locals.

These South American delicacies have proven popular in Narrandera. Photo: Narrandera Argus

Lourdes Hurt from Cordoba came to Australia two years ago and arrived in Narrandera two months ago in readiness to take up employment at Avonlie Solar Farm. Helped by her friend Cecilia Vieceli, Ms Hurt decided to advertise her sweet treats on Facebook to help pay their rent while waiting to start the new job.

“We were supposed to start work at the end of April or beginning of May and the project was delayed,” Ms Hurt said.

“Getting accommodation in Narrandera is not easy, that’s why we decided to keep waiting, but the money goes very quickly.

“We lived in the Royal Mail Hotel for a month and a half and the owner moved and now she gave us her house, so we live with my brother and other friends.”

The 29 year old started making alfajores and pastafloras to satisfy her sweet tooth.

She hatched the idea to offer the produce which is frequently eaten in her hometown in central Argentina to locals and has been inundated with requests from people who wished to sample the South American cuisine.

These South American delicacies have proven popular in Narrandera. Photo: Narrandera Argus

“We made them to eat ourselves and that’s when we thought, they’re delicious, we could sell them,” Ms Hurt said.

“We published them (on Facebook) and the truth is that we did not expect many requests or comments, but the post received a lot of likes.

“Many people said they were curious to try something new.

“Until she takes up employment at the solar farm, Ms Hurt and her friend said they would continue to cook the treats if there was a demand for them.

“On Saturday we spent 10 hours cooking,” Ms Hurt said.

“On Sunday we delivered to each person in their houses.

“Everyone was very kind to us and throughout the day we received messages about how delicious the alfajores and pastafloras were.

“Finally with the money we were able to pay the rent for the week.

“We are giving it a try while we are not working, so once we start working we will have to reorganise our times.”

Ms Hurt said the main ingredients she used to produce the foodstuff were cornstarch, flour, coconut, sugar and butter.

“But the main ingredient is dulce de leche,” she said.

“They call it caramel here, but it’s not the same for us, it tastes different.”

Ms Hurt’s food is proving popular with those who have tried her produce.

One woman who tried the food stated on Ms Hurt’s Facebook page that she “enjoyed every mouthful”.

Another satisfied customer thanked Ms Hurt for introducing her to the “delicious sweets”.

Ms Hurt’s food continues to receive rave reviews with some people placing more orders.

Narrandera Argus 16 June 2022

This article appeared in the Narrandera Argus, 16 June 2022.



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