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First skiff sees the light of day

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Denmark Rowers applied brute force to the sound of ripping in a milestone event on Tuesday, May 17 to turn their first St Ayles Skiff.

Upside down skiff
John Stokes and David Cliff haul the boat from the building moulds.
Photo courtesy Denmark Bulletin.

The boat was unstuck from the building moulds accompanied by the sound of epoxy pulled from the taped moulds.

Then with the help of the year 11 Denmark Senior High School boat-building students, the boat was lifted into the sunshine, rolled mid air and set down the right way up for the first time.

It is described as ‘a thing of great beauty’ and with the bow and stern stems as yet untrimmed looks like the Norwegian faerings used by the Vikings and probably earlier Scandinavians.

Skiff emerges
Spectators see the skiff in the light of day.
Photo courtesy Denmark Bulletin.

The project involved 40 days working three half days a week – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

The club is preparing to start a second skiff while fitting out the interior of this first.

New members are welcome to join the friendship and sense of achievement of this project.

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Denmark Bulletin 2 June 2022

This article appeared in the Denmark Bulletin, 2 June 2022.


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