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Dunoon Sports Club
High and dry: the Dunoon Sports Club became an evacuation centre during the first Lismore flood.
Photo: Dunoon and District Gazette.

Dunoon & District Sports & Recreation Club, Dunoon and District Gazette

What a month for our community of Lismore and our villages. Such devastation by Mother Nature, and so many of our community members of our community members affected. Our heartfelt best wishes go out to those who have lost friends or family, property or possessions.

The Dunoon Sports Club was pleased to be able to help people needing a safe place to shelter, and was used for an evacuation centre during the first floods in early March. Thank you to our amazing community of volunteers as they wrangled donations and food, comforted residents and provided cups of tea and coffee, as well as a listening ear through the unfolding disaster.

Dunoon Sports Club
Photo: Dunoon and District Gazette

All up, we had around 20 people come to shelter at the Club, and a huge thank you to our local community who provided for their every need, from blankets to food, to essential supplies, clothes and much more.

Dunoon and District Gazette April-May 2022

This article appeared in the Dunoon and District Gazette, April-May 2022.


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