Saturday, December 3, 2022

Shearer shortage an opportunity for ambitious school leavers

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Photo courtesy NSW Farmers

NSW Farmers Association, Media Release, 25 January 2022

School leavers looking for a lucrative career in the bush have the chance to join an iconic industry and help Australia recover from COVID.

NSW Farmers Wool Committee Chair Helen Carrigan said a shortage of shearers meant there was good money to be made by young people who were willing to learn.

“The ‘click’ of the shears is part of our proud agricultural history and there are so many success stories of young people keen to have a go,” Mrs Carrigan said.

Throwing the fleece
Photos courtesy NSW Farmers

“It can be hard work, but it’s rewarding and the pay can set the savvy saver up for a great future.

“We’re keen to see school leavers looking for a life in the bush to seriously consider becoming a shearer.”

Australia has a long tradition of producing the world’s finest wool, and a key part of that success has been the hard working shearers who are such a great part of our character. With the Certificate III in Shearing course free for all NSW residents and a keen shortage of qualified shearers in the sheds, Mrs Carrigan said there was never a better time to get stuck in and start making some real money.

“We launched our Wool Technical Advisory Group (WoolTAG) last year to tackle the issues in the industry head-on, and one of the big ones has been addressing our shearer shortage,” Mrs Carrigan said.

“If we can encourage young people to get into the sheds to be trained and mentored we can not only set them up for success but also help solve this worker shortage.

“NSW Farmers is keen to take a proactive approach to agricultural issues and this is a great career path for anyone who doesn’t want to spend their life in an office with a suit and tie.”

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