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Junior Cougars on the rise

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Junior Cougars
Photo: DC Sports Photography

Congratulations, Casino Cougars.

The junior outfit has been named the NSW Rugby League Grassroots Club of the Year.

The club has grown from 130 players in 2012 to 340 in 2021.

Even with covid restrictions interrupting play, membership continues to rise.

And the team has some famous players to keep the spirit going.

Past junior Cougars include South Sydney’s Cody Walker and NSW State of Origin’s Matt King.

Cody led the under-16s and under-18s on training runs.

Matt comes to Casino whenever he can to see the Matt King Shield vied for at school carnivals.

Junior rugby
Star team: Junior Cougars play against Kyogle last year.
Photo: DC Sports Photography

Indigenous NRL player Preston Campbell also visited the team.

He talked to players about being healthy and looking out for each other.

The Cougars were awarded the Reconciliation in Sport club in June this year.

Richmond River Independent 22 September 2021

This article appeared in the Richmond River Independent, 22 September 2021.


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