Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Farmbot heralds new era of farm connectivity with unveiling of connected camera

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Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, Media Release, 3 May 2021

Farmbot, a leading provider of remote monitoring solutions for Australian farmers, has today unveiled the Farmbot Camera Sensor, a next-generation device which enables farmers to take images of their farm assets and view them in real-time via two-way satellite connectivity.

Farmbot screenshot

In a first for the Australian agriculture sector, farmers will be able to physically see water infrastructure, gates, fences or other assets with the touch of a button on their desktop, tablet or mobile device.

With an on-demand line-of sight to key water infrastructure, the Farmbot Camera Sensor turbocharges Farmbot’s remote monitoring offering according to Andrew Coppin, Managing Director, Farmbot.

Farmbot product shot

“Our customers have seen significant savings and productivity boosts through real-time alerts and trend-based analysis of water consumption for many years,” he said.

“But this technology is a leap forward, it will revolutionise the way farmers see their property and the way they make decisions,” he said.

“The ability to take images of troughs, dams or tanks on demand means that farmers can virtually be in multiple places at once, unlocking exponential productivity gains and boosting profitability.”

Without the need to physically travel to sites to view assets, producers using the Farmbot Camera Sensor will free up hours in each day. This allows them to plan their days more efficiently with time spent on higher value, more strategic tasks.

The camera is the first product in Australian agriculture to leverage duplex satellite technology, an innovation which allows two-way communication between a sensor and a device at a relatively affordable price-point. The technology is powered by global leader in satellite technology, Inmarsat, bringing together best-in-breed global technology expertise and local Australian ingenuity.

Mr Coppin says that the Farmbot Camera Sensor was conceptualised and developed in collaboration with Australian producers.

“Like all our product developments, the Farmbot Camera Sensor was driven by real customer feedback.

“Farmers are practical people, and our customers told us that being able to physically see troughs, dams and tanks without travelling to them would be game-changing for them,” he said.

The product has been fully developed in Australia and is built for purpose. The durable camera housing has been made with Australia’s harsh environmental conditions in mind and can be mounted in multiple different configurations depending on the intended application.

Depending on the needs of the farmer, the resolution of images can be adjusted based on the level of information they need from each image.
The camera will be released in tandem with the next generation Farmbot unit, the Farmbot Duplex Satellite Monitor. Aesthetically identical to previous units the latest devices will power the duplex satellite technology.

Interested customers can join the trial program or register their interest to be the first in line when they arrive via or in person at Beef21 at Rockhampton.



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