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Water works planned for Epenarra

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New and the installation of bulk water meter monitoring at Epenarra are part of the NT Government’s plan to shore up water security in Aboriginal communities across the NT.

A $28 million investment will provide tailored projects in ten remote communities to improve water quality and supply infrastructure, prioritising areas of critical need.

Works at Epenarra, about 200 kilometres south east of Tennant Creek, will be amongst the first projects off the block.

The plan was announced at the Central Land Council meeting, held in Tennant Creek this week.

Chansey Paech
Chancey Paech. Source: Tennant & District Times

The funding, $7 million per year for four years, will support initiatives to manage immediate problems and a long-term plan to tackle complex water supply issues. These include new bores, network upgrades, improved water disinfection systems, and the installation of meters to monitor and reduce water usage.

Minister for Indigenous Essential Services Chansey Paech said his Government was committed to improving water security across the NT.

“This water quality and supply program targets communities with the most critical need and complements ongoing work to support infrastructure upgrades, research and development in our remote communities,” he said.
“Reliable supply of quality water is the cornerstone of good health and better lives and that’s why we are laying foundations to unlock opportunities, such as housing construction, that will enable the Territory’s remote communities to thrive.”

Meanwhile, Minister for Water Security Eva Lawler said the NT Government was working on a comprehensive, long-term strategic water plan which would include community consultation.

Tennant & District Times 23 April 2021

This article appeared in the Tennant & District Times, 23 April 2021.


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