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Producers plate up Good Meat with celebrity chefs from Three Blue Ducks

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Meat & Livestock Australia, Media Release, 10 February 2021

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has partnered with Three Blue Ducks Restaurant Group to showcase Australian red meat producers’ world class sustainable production practices and the high-quality product they produce via a new television series set to air nationally this week on Network 10.

Andy, Darren + Mark - Three Blue Ducks Byron Bay
Three Blue Ducks’ celebrity chefs, Darren Robertson, Andy Allen and Mark LaBrooy at their Byron Bay restaurant.

Utilising MLA’s Community Engagement brand, Australian Good Meat, two episodes of the six-part television series hosted by renowned Three Blue Ducks chefs will tell the story of Australian Beef and Lamb producers, with a third episode featuring a mobile processor, Provenir, an existing beef supplier to the Three Blue Ducks restaurant chain.

Across three episodes, Three Blue Ducks’ celebrity chefs, Andy Allen, Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy, will take the audience on a behind the scenes journey with red meat producers to highlight Australia’s top standards for animal health and welfare production practices and demonstrate the industry’s high standards in sustainability.

With a spotlight on Australian Beef and Lamb’s superior texture, flavour and versatility, the celebrity chefs will use a variety of cuts and cooking techniques to create new dishes to feature on the iconic Three Blue Ducks menu.

MLA Group Manager for Stakeholder Collaboration, Samantha Jamieson, said the strategic partnership between Good Meat and Three Blue Ducks is an effective way for the red meat industry to share their story around sustainable production practices directly with consumers and the wider community.  

“This exciting partnership with Three Blue Ducks is another tool to engage directly with the community to promote how our producers are world-leaders in animal health, welfare, biosecurity and production practices and our leadership in sustainability. With this information, consumers can make informed decisions about what they eat,” Ms Jamieson said.

“The TV series will also be supported by a series of four ‘webisodes’ and imagery to be shared across Australian Good Meat, Australian Beef and MLA online and social media channels in the domestic market and True Aussie in the international markets.”

Red meat producers set to feature in the series Fiona Aveyard, Outback Lamb at Tullamore NSW, and Robert Mackenzie, Macka’s Beef at Gloucester NSW, along with Provenir beef suppliers, producers Bill and Joy Wearn, Yammacoona at Holbrook NSW, said the partnership was a great opportunity to share their personal story and commitment to sustainable Australian agricultural practices.

“It’s so important for us as farmers to share our story and invite consumers on to our farms and show them how much care we take. We are guardians of our livestock and our environment – it’s a real responsibility and we take it seriously,” Ms Aveyard said.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into this, it isn’t just a matter of turning up and driving around. There’s animal health and welfare, caring responsibly for our land, running a sustainable business. We are the same as any other farmers out there, we care, we’re passionate and we’re committed,” Mr Mackenzie said.

Founder and CEO of Provenir, Chris Balazs, said it was exciting to show the chefs from Three Blue Duckstheir unique way of processing Bill and Joy’s cattle on-farm through their mobile abattoir.

Being able to process at the point of production not only provides the provenance and traceability they seek but also the meat quality that The Ducks have become famous for,” Mr Balazs said.

The series will premiere on Saturday, 13 February, at 7pm on Network 10. The episodes will also be available to view on 10 Play.


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