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Horsham Sports & Community Club sponsors district

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Last Sunday at the Horsham Sunnyside Bowling Club the Horsham Sports and Community Club distributed funds to the successful sporting clubs and community organisations from their annual sponsorship program.

This year there were 85 clubs and organisations from around the Wimmera area to share in the funds distribution of $135,000.00 and that included eight local Nhill and Kaniva district clubs and/or committees. Details of the successful local clubs and organisations were as follows:

  • Winiam Public Hall $600.00 To purchase kitchen cutlery.
  • Nhill Historical Society $1,000.00 To enable the upholstery of two chairs.
  • Lawloit Public Hall $900.00 To purchase block out blinds for the hall.
  • Nhill Fire Brigade $2,500.00 To assist in the purchase of an LED sign for the brigade.
  • Nhill A & P Society $1,600.00 Resurfacing of toilet amenities floor.
  • Nhill Bowling Club $1,200.00 To assist in the purchase of a ride on mower.
  • Serviceton Bowling Club $1,500.00 To purchase a security alarm system.
  • Kaniva Golf Club $2,300.00 To be used for the exterior painting of clubhouse.

Horsham Sports and Community Club current President Daniel Smith welcomed all representatives of the clubs and community organisations that were to receive funds in this year’s distribution and he gave an outline of the development, promotion, advancement and assistance given to the clubs and organisations over many years under their sponsorship program.

Horsham Sports and Community Club Chief Executive Officer, Glenn Carroll along with all board members in attendance then announced the successful applicants and how their sponsorship funds were to be used for the projects in their individual club and/or organisation.

Former Kaniva resident Ash Hawker was introduced, and he spoke on his journey and achievements in his successful clay bird shooting career and which culminated him winning the World Universal Trench Championship in Italy in 2022. Ash also thanked the Horsham Sports and Community Club for their support and assistance given to him in his sporting career.

An afternoon tea was then provided to all to conclude a successful presentation day.

This article appeared in the Nhill Free Press & Kaniva Times, 26 June 2024.


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