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Hazardous webinar: Students in fire research showcase

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Natural Hazards Research Australia, Media Release, 19 April 2024

The April 2024 Hazardous Webinar celebrates the new research faces and topics in Australia’s fire landscape in Natural Hazards Research Australia’s Students in fire research showcase.

In this webinar, you will hear about three PhD research projects covering bushfire smoke and eye health, remote sensing and machine learning to predict forest fire spread, and collaborative and adaptive fire risk-reduction.

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  • Date: Tuesday 30 April
  • Time: 11am AEST
  • Where: Zoom


  • Suki Jaiswal, University of New South Wales and Natural Hazards Research Australia Postgraduate Scholar
  • Harikesh, University of the Sunshine Coast and Natural Hazards Research Australia Associate Student
  • Douglas Radford, University of Adelaide and Natural Hazards Research Australia Associate Student
  • Dr Rowena Morris, Node Research Manager, Natural Hazards Research Australia (host)

This webinar is part of Natural Hazards Research Australia’s Hazardous Webinar series to showcase key research progress and findings each month.

Suki, Harikesh and Douglas will share their innovative PhD projects that are adding to the breadth of information developing and supporting the response, recovery and resilience to natural hazards.

The PhD projects covered in this Hazardous Webinar:

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