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Artworks enchant travellers

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Towong Shire Council is encouraging residents and visitors to discover the newly installed large-scale artworks along the Great River Road, which were unveiled in late December.

Towong mayor, Cr Andrew Whitehead, emphasised council’s commitment to the project, providing an enjoyable experience for travellers, allowing them to appreciate the scenery of shire.

“These artworks provide a touch of enchantment to our region, showcasing the artistic brilliance of individuals like Xavier Pinard while enhancing the inherent beauty of our shire,” Cr Whitehead said.

The artworks include Xavier Pinard’s ‘Bridge to the Moon’ in Talgarno and the ‘Are We There Yet?’ sculpture capturing Bethanga Bridge’s panoramic views just near Bellbridge (pictured).

“The forthcoming installation of brolgas along the Towong Walking Track, promises to captivate all travellers along the touring route,” added Cr Whitehead.

Complementing the artistic showcase, the Walwa to Jingellic Walking Track, an integral part of the Great River Road project, is nearing completion. The track was sealed in December and final touches such as signage and railing, are imminent.

This scenic walking track, alongside the recently finished Tintaldra Walking Track, encourages locals and visitors to explore Towong Shire on foot.

“It’s a wonderful way to connect with our towns and appreciate the natural marvels defining our region,” Cr Whitehead said.

“Council is encourages the community to embrace the beauty and cultural richness that the Great River Road project brings to our region”

Corryong Courier 1 February 2024

This article appeared in the Corryong Courier, 1 February 2024.


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