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Pothole plague spreads: funding fill must be found

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The deplorable state of roads will be back on the agenda when State Parliament resumes in February.

Nationals Member for Mildura, Jade Benham, said it was alarming the number of road warning and traffic hazard signs that had been situated on our roadsides for an extended period of time, without repairs being done.


“What is also alarming is that just prior to Christmas a number of potholes were filled, but with Christmas traffic and without the permanent fix that was required, they are now, in many cases, just as bad as they originally were, if not worse,” she said.

“Lowering the speed limit is not the answer, our roads need urgent attention.

“We continue to drive on what is left of our roads, patch jobs and circled holes are an accident waiting to happen.

“It is not a problem unique to our region, and those who have travelled around the state will notice a similar circumstance in other areas.”

Getting worse

Ms Benham said the deterioration of the roads is only getting worse.

“The underlying problem is this Government has cut roads funding by 40 per cent over the past two years and the end result can only be one thing – worse roads.

“This Government fines motorists for not having roadworthy cars, but it is not providing car worthy roads.

City cost overruns

“Because of the massive cost overruns on city projects, this Government has slashed our roads maintenance funding in the country, so we suffer from Labor not being able to manage money or major projects.”

Ms Benham said the only way to rectify the problem was a massive increase in roads funding in this year’s May Budget; however, with the State facing a $175 billion debt due to Labor’s mismanagement, she was concerned the investment required would not be made. But would continue to take up the cause.

“The Government can’t manage money, can’t manage projects and can’t fix Victoria’s roads,” she said.

The Buloke Times 26 January 2024

This article appeared in The Buloke Times, 26 January 2024.


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