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Barkly vets head bush for vital pet services

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Kate Foran, Tennant & District Times

A dedicated crew from Barkly Veterinary Practice spent three weeks in some communities of the Barkly region recently, providing a remote service to pet owners who don’t often get to town.

They visited Elliott, Marlinja, Ampilatwatja, Ali Curung, Murray Downs and Wutunugurra. The team was made up of Dr Kelsey Fyffe, Dr Wyuna Winge, Lucy Ford (final year CSU vet student), Kristen Griggs and Connor Whiteman (vet nurses) and Sharnai Fitz-Slade (Barkly Practice vet nurse)

It was a great adventure out bush for the vets, nurses and students who don’t often get to visit such remote locations, and all in the spirit of providing a terrific veterinary service, sometimes even operating in the great outdoors!

In total, 135 dogs and cats were desexed, 37 dogs were vaccinated, and plenty of dogs were given tick prevention medicine, along with other treatments. Overall, a great result!

Tennant & District Times 24 November 2023

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 24 November 2023.


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