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Optus delivers new tower in Brooms Head

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New Brooms Head tower to provide choice to
residents and businesses

Australian Rural & Regional News asked some further questions of Optus, answered below the release

Optus, Media Release, 26 July 2023

Optus has improved their coverage and increased network capacity in Brooms Head in Northern New South Wales, by switching on a new tower in the region to help residents, businesses, and tourists stay connected and give them a choice of network provider.

The new tower will provide enhanced Optus mobile connectivity, improve and expand Optus mobile coverage and increase Optus network capacity and mobile data speeds in the region. This tower is the seventh site that Optus has switched on in the Page Federal Electorate since the start of 2022.

Optus Territory General Manager for Northern New South Wales, Chris Simon, said Optus is pleased to improve coverage for the Brooms Head community.

“This tower is essential for Brooms Head and nearby communities, as local communities require a robust and adaptable network with more reliable mobile connectivity.

“Brooms Head is a popular tourist destination that experiences a significant influx of visitors during peak holiday times. Introducing a new tower enhances our network capacity, improving tourists’ access to a network.”

The new tower delivers improved 4G and 5G mobile connectivity, coverage, and capacity, and it also provides local businesses and residents with choices when it comes to a provider.

“As we roll out our network, we know that customers want and need faster download speeds and reliable connectivity whether at home, work, or on the go. The Brooms Head tower will allow our customers to live, work, and do the things they love with a better network experience,” said Mr Simon.

The investment to expand Optus’ telecommunications infrastructure and mobile coverage is part of an ongoing project to improve range, reliability, and speed across the Optus mobile network. This tower will provide more reliable coverage and capacity to the area, providing a competitive telecommunications alternative for residents and businesses.

Questions from Australian Rural & Regional News

ARR.News: What’s the reach of the new Brooms Head tower? ie it will give residents and businesses from exactly what area around it improved reception?

Optus: The Brooms Head site has provided new coverage in the area, covering almost 300 addresses. As well as benefiting residents, it will also benefit small businesses like Brooms Head Caravan Park, Guest House and Bowls Club. It will also provide coverage to nearby parts of Sandon River Road, Brooms Head Road and Ocean Road.

ARR.News: How much load can it take? ie Will connections stay strong during peak periods during peak tourist season?

Optus: The tower has adequate capacity to accommodate increased traffic during peak tourist season. 

ARR.News: How vulnerable is the reception to adverse weather and conditions?

Optus: Site performance is expected to be stable and designed to achieve minimum of 99.99 per cent availability on annual basis. The site is continually monitored to ensure optimum site performance and allow for rectification of any issues.

ARR.News: What were the options for these residents and businesses previously?

Optus: Prior to the installation of the new mobile site, Optus customers had limited coverage in the Brooms Head region. 

ARR.News: What was the connection strength previously?

Optus: Connectivity was low. The new mobile site has strengthened coverage considerably. 

ARR.News: Does the tower improve phone, internet and television reception? 

Optus: The new mobile site will provide improved connectivity for Optus mobile users and those who connect to streaming devices via the mobile network, for example with mobile broadband. 

ARR.News: Will the tower help with emergency services communications? Eg in the event of fire or flood? 

Optus: The new mobile site will provide increased connectivity during times of natural disasters and allow calls to emergency services via Triple 0 from all providers. 

ARR.News: What is the cost of Optus services in the area, for residential and business services? How do these prices compare with its competitors?

Optus: Optus offers a wide range of services for residents and businesses across the Brooms Head area. Details can be found at optus.com.au or by calling 133 937.


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