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ANZAC Day 2023 – Lest we forget

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Photo: On Our Selection News

The first formal commemoration of Anzac Day at Westbrook was organised in 2008 by the local Hall Committee and since then, attendances have improved each year.

This year, in spite of heavily overcast skies and light misty drizzle a crowd estimated to be well in excess of 500 gathered.

A touching moment came when Vietnam Veteran Len Muller, whose name appears on the Westbrook Honour Board with that of the late Jeff Rowbotham, attended his first Anzac service at Westbrook, but was overcome by emotion when at the microphone, drawing supportive applause from the crowd.

See the full ANZAC Day coverage in the issue.

On Our Selection News 27 April 2023

This article appeared in On Our Selection News, 27 April 2023.


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