Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Power outages

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Last week’s power outages in Maldon affected several homes and businesses, including the Maldon Rose Cafe, which suffered a loss of earnings for a day.

Arriving on Wednesday morning with a fully booked house, the discovery was made that the fridges were not running at the correct temperature due to a power outage from 4am to 9am in the morning.

This meant that all the creams, milk and baked goods had to be thrown out and bookings rescheduled.

All the baking is completed on the premises every day, so the family team had to work hard to replace all the spoiled items.

The TT spoke to Grace McClure from Maldon Rose, “It was a difficult decision to make, rescheduling our bookings and throwing out everything, but for the safety of our customers, it had to be done.”

Kimberlei Mcclure, Grace’s mother, realised her dream when she opened the cafe two years ago.

A lover of pink, she has been collecting pink crockery and other items for over 20 years, which are used in the Cafe.

Kimberlei’s prize-winning scones and Grace’s prize-winning gluten-free delights are on the menu.

They offer High Tea and afternoon teas and are open from Wednesday to Sunday.

According to a Powercor spokesman, “There were two unplanned outages on the main powerline supplying the Maldon township last week. The faults, on Wednesday and Friday, both impacted around 1,700 customers in the region.

“Powercor is looking into the cause of the faults.

“During summer, our bushfire mitigation technology is set to a more sensitive setting, meaning that power outages can occur more frequently and can sometimes last longer, with crews required to patrol lines to ensure they are clear before switching the power back on.”

Tarrangower Times 3 March 2023

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 3 March 2023.


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