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Rocking horse restoration

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Allan Trounson, 91 years young, is helping restore a very old rocking horse with his mates at the Maldon Men’s Shed.

Allan remembers having a rocking horse exactly like this one as a child and wonders if it could be the same one coming full circle into his life once more.

Allan has many tales to tell of his childhood and remembers when his horse was given to him as a young seven-year-old when its previous owner had outgrown it.

This horse’s owner wants to keep it as a reminder of her childhood and has tasked the Men’s Shed with the restoration of this beautiful piece of history.

It will remain unpainted. This allows the horse to be seen in its raw beauty.

The final finish is being debated as the original choice of beeswax has proven to be unsuitable.

It won’t be going under the Christmas tree,” Allan said, “as it won’t be finished in time.”

Looking closely at the finely crafted rocking horse, Allan tells how it is hollow and put together in segments, which can be seen now that all the paint has been removed.

“It was a tricky job getting paint out of all the nooks and crannies.”

The horse will live on for perhaps another 100 years after the boys have finished with their restoration work.

Keeping to the authenticity of the original, it will have horse hair for the tail and mane as well as new reins and a bridle.

The owner plans to display it in her home as a decorative piece.

It was passed on to the owner when she was a child after the previous owners had outgrown it and were moving house.

This rocking horse is an example of a craft of days gone by, and a wonderful example of the rewarding work done at the Men’s shed in Maldon.

Allan is happy that people can see some of the things the Men’s Shed does for the community.

If you are interested in joining the guys at Maldon’s Men’s Shed visit: or call the Secretary, Barry Murfett, on 0403 352 753. 

Tarrangower Times 13 January 2023

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 13 January 2023.



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