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Suzie Christensen, Lord Howe Island Board, The Lord Howe Island Signal

The woodhen survey has seen another increase in woodhen number with more than 1,000 woodhens counted. This is a record number of woodhens for the Island, surpassing the 778 individuals counted last March. This includes 81 individuals that the team counted at the summit of Mt Gower, smashing previous surveys that counted just over 50 woodhens on the mountain.

The Board, and especially the Environment Team, would like to thank the community for their cooperation and assistance with the survey over the last three weeks. This important work to monitor the population health of our critically endangered woodhens would not be possible without your help. A special thanks to Liana and Péle for their help locating a few woodhens in some particularly tight bushes!

As the number of woodhens increases, so will their interactions with humans. Unfortunately these interactions will occasionally include run ins with vehicles. In order to collect sufficient data to assist the Board to manage this impact we ask residents to report any roadkill, including the location, band number (if applicable) and date to the LHIB Environment Team on 6563 2066 or email:

The Board understands that woodhen roadkill may be unavoidable, and all reports of roadkill will remain confidential. Remaining within the 25km hour speed limit, and not feeding birds near roadsides will help minimise deaths, and your cooperation is appreciated. 

The Lord Howe Island Signal 31 December 2022

This article appeared in The Lord Howe Island Signal, 31 December 2022.


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