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Maldon’s Little Library

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On the corner of Allans Road and High Street is a little library that is crammed full of books waiting to be read.  It’s the brainchild of local residents Doug and Glenda, who created it just before the pandemic arrived.

During Covid, when the Athenaeum Library and the Castlemaine Library were closed, Doug’s and Glenda’s library was many a reader’s salvation.

“People would choose a couple of books when they were out walking,” Glenda said. “They were very grateful. Some left little thank you notes and gifts.”

Doug built the library from recycled materials, starting with one little book ‘house’ and then adding another further on down the track. There’s now a bench so that readers have somewhere to place their books while having a browse.

Glenda is a great reader and keeps the library topped up with books she has just finished.

“People knock on the door with big bags of books, and that keeps the supply up as well,” she said.

“When you take a book, you can replace it if you wish. But it’s up to you – there are plenty of books out there, and they should be shared!”

Tarrangower Times 5 August 2022

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 5 August 2022.


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